1. Gaffa tape and cardboard week.

    Yes I still have a lot of stuff to put up but I may as well put up what I have.

    This week was about generating ideas in 3D and using models to build upon. The direction in which my project is going in, is about tactile curiosity vs speculative living in which digitalisation has lead us to. As humans I believe we’re capable to doing much more than we believe  in terms of producing things of needs, e.g. fuel, food and various other resources. A few weeks ago I went to the British Museum where I started looking at measuring systems without numerical value. Things that have to use instinct or another object of worth to compare things to. In ways, this is bit is the thing that could possibly drive a fair bit of the rest of my project.

    On day 1 we were asked to make an object that already exists with black gafa tape.

    On day 2 we were asked in which way would we alter the existing object. I added on an arm at the end of the main arm with additional plates bringing ratios of measures into consideration. If this object were to be continued I’d carry on making smaller arms to extend the object further.

    Might make my own map with my self made tools next, but there’s a huge list.

    Keep tuned.